$STONKS simulator

Game features

Invest in the stock market and earn money!

A game by Markop1CZ written in Python using pygame. Try this stock market simulation game featuring buying and selling shares, taking loans, bankrupting etc. Game features randomly generated stock prices using seeded values. Available in Czech and English localisation. Contains original soundtrack featuring 2 tracks by Markop1CZ.



+ & - button:

F5 to take screenshot (saved in game dir)


You can download the game here (python source files, uncompiled)
Released under ZLIB license.
Requirements: pygame, noise libraries

Version 1.2 (.zip)2023/01/02 changelog
Version 1.1 (.zip)2022/12/25 changelog
Version 1.0 (.rar)2022/03/29


Visit project page on pygame.org.
Visit my homepage (in czech).